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Recycling your E-Bike battery

E-Bikes are great! It's hard to deny the exhilaration of effortlessly climbing to the top of your favourite single track, or the joy of skipping rush hour gridlock on your daily commute, but that power comes with a responsibility. In many cases E-Bikes are the “Greener” choice, but the rechargeable lithium-ion battery used to power your E-Bike does come with an environmental price tag. That’s why we are leading the charge and are the first Canadian bicycle company to partner with Call2Recycle to offer responsible recycling and disposal of your E-bike’s battery. When any Giant, Liv or Momentum E-Bike battery reaches its end of life simply bring it to an Authorized Giant Retailer for free disposal. It's just one of the ways Giant is moving towards a sustainable future. For tips on how to care for your E-Bike and maintain your battery check out our E-Bike Maintenance Guides. For more information on what happens to recycled batteries visit
E-Bike Maintenance Guide

E-Bike Maintenance Guide

What Parts Need Service and How Often?
E-bikes are equipped with electric parts that require routine maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your E-bike in good shape and running well. Take good care of it, and it will take good care of you. 1) General Maintenance: It is important to keep your E-bike clean, especially the electric parts. A little mud and water won’t hurt it, but it’s best to clean it after each ride. Our blog about how to clean your E-bike demonstrates the best way to clean it. Never use a high-powered hose, as this might damage the EnergyPak, RideControl or SyncDrive systems. After cleaning your E-bike, always use a high-quality chain lube to keep the drivetrain running smoothly. There are specific types of lube for wet or dry conditions, so choose accordingly based on the climate and conditions where you live. If your E-bike is going to sit for a while without being ridden, make sure to keep it protected from snow, rain, sun, etc. Snow and rain can cause corrosion, and direct sunlight can cause paint fade, as well as cracks on any rubber or plastic parts. It is also important to keep your tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires offer less rolling resistance for maximum efficiency and range. Having the right tire pressure also gives you a smoother ride with better control, and prevents uneven tire wear. 2) SyncDrive & EnergyPak Maintenance Our SyncDrive motor hardware is engineered by our trusted partner Yamaha. The software within these motors is developed by Giant. If you ever have any issues with your SyncDrive system, your local Giant dealers is the place to go. To keep your motor in top condition, it’s best to clean it after each ride. The SyncDrive motor technology is water and mud-proof but keeping it clean will result in optimal performance. I It’s also important to follow the instructions from your Giant retailer about how often the motor needs service. This can vary, depending on how you use it and how many miles you ride in a given time period. There are some steps you can take to extend the life of your EnergyPak battery system. For example, keeping it topped off and not leaving it discharged for extended periods of time; not leaving it in the hot sun for long periods; and not leaving it in the cold for extended periods while your E-bike is not being used. Most battery problems occur when it has been neglected or left to sit for too long. If the bike is not used for a long period of time (one month or more), the EnergyPak is best stored: • At 60% of its capacity (3 out of 5 charging LED’s) • Separate from the bike • At temperatures between 0°C and 40°C Check the battery once a month to ensure at least one LED is still blinking. Charge when needed. You should charge it at least once every three months. Failing to do so could void the warranty. You can learn more about charging and storing your EnergyPak in this blog. Your local Giant retailer can also instruct you on how often it needs service. This depends on what type of rider you are and how you use the EnergyPak. 3) RideControl Maintenance: Bluetooth connectivity ensures that your RideControl system can be updated so that you’re always up to date with the latest software technology. Your local Giant retailer can help instruct you on how and when to update it. 4) E-bike maintenance conclusion: If you do ever experience any electrical issues with your E-bike, contact your local Giant retailer. They are experienced and have the tools to help you. Never remove any plastic covers, as this might damage the internals and invalidate warranties. This should always be done by a Giant retailer. Giant E-bikes have on-board diagnostics to help qualified mechanics troubleshoot any issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning the E-bike off and back on. Simply put, an E-bike shouldn’t require any more maintenance than a normal bike, as long as you take care of it and maintain it correctly. 5) EnergyPak FAQ: How do I know how much charge my EnergyPak has left when it is not connected to the bike? • Push the power button on the EnergyPak. LEDs will light up, indicating the remaining capacity. There are EnergyPaks with 300, 360, 400, 500 and 625Wh. Why is the housing always the same size? • For different capacities, Giant uses cells with different densities. This way, the housing can be uniform and fit a variety of bikes. Can I retrofit a larger capacity Giant EnergyPak on my bike? • Yes, Giant EnergyPaks are interchangeable. Why are charge times not even with the capacities? • It’s not a linear process to charge an EnergyPak. The last phase, especially, takes more time. Should I always empty my EnergyPak completely before recharging? • There is no need to do a complete discharge every time. Discharging it completely once every three months will help. What happens if my EnergyPak runs out while I’m riding? • Pedaling support will stop. At 3%, the support level will lower, in order to extend the range. At 1%, support will stop completely. Lights will still function for about 2 or 3 hours. And remember, your E-bike can be ridden without pedaling support. RideControl FAQ My Charge display can be rotated on the handlebar. Shouldn’t it be tighter? • The Charge display should not be overtightened. It should be able to move a little, in case of impact. Can I upgrade my Charge display to an EVO display? • Giant E-parts are mostly interchangeable. Swapping a Charge display for an EVO version is possible. There is an error code on my screen. What should I do now? • The error code indicates that something irregular has happened. It is best to contact your Giant retailer. It will not harm your bike if you continue using it. An error code was displayed on my display, but now it is gone. What should I do? • An error has occurred, but it is not persistent. There is no need to contact your dealer immediately, it can be checked during your next routine service check. When I change settings on my EVO display, the new digits appear on top of the old ones. Can you explain? • The EVO display is a “liquid crystal display” using liquid to display data. When temperatures are colderit takes longer for the digits to fade away. The display is not broken. New settings like adjusting theassistance level are instantly activated. SyncDrive FAQ If I simply rotate my pedals, I don’t feel much support. Why? • Giant’s SyncDrive central motor has a torque sensor. The motor assists based on the applied force. More basic systems use rotation sensors only. I can feel a little sideways play in my cranks. Is this normal? • This is OK. The Giant SyncDrive Central motor powered by Yamaha has been designed with a maximum of 1mm of play in the bottom bracket axle. This is for better durability in all conditions. Why do other E-bike motors make a different sound? • Giant uses different motor technologies than some competitors. Our motors have a slightly higher frequency and better torque value.